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Welcome to our Resource Centre that's completely free to use.

This is the crowdsourced part of the site. It’s full of links to useful places and hacks that we either directly use ourselves or are widely regarded by our followers and members.

Know of a helpful resource that should be on this page? Got any tools you’ve built you think should be on here? Get in touch via our Facebook community and let us know!

  1. ClearScore
  2. Money Dashboard
  3. CamelCamelCamel
  4. TopCashback
  5. Take Home Pay Calculator
  6. Investing Tools
  7. Budgeting Spreadsheet


Free Credit Score tracking app

The app and website allows you to monitor your credit score for free. It updates every month and gives suggestions on how to improve your score. A good credit score will increase your chances of getting the best rates for credit.

Money Dashboard

Bring all your current, savings & credit accounts under one dashboard

This is a cloud-based service that hooks into your current, savings and credit card accounts. It automatically categorises your expenses (although some tweaking may be required) and gives you a view where your money is being spent. It presents your monthly financial situation in an easy to understand pie chart. There is a website and a IOS & Android app.


Get things cheaper on Amazon (as long as you can wait!)

This website tracks the price of an item listed on Amazon. It will show you the lowest sale price it has been and allows you to set a price alert once the price drops. If you are not in a hurry to buy items or you are worried you are paying too much then this site is great.


Get free money when you buy things online

Pay less for online purchases ranging from mobile phone contracts to fashion. Always check if something you are buying online is listed on TopCashback and get a percentage of the purchase price back.

Sign up for free and get a £5 Amazon e-Gift Card

Take Home Pay Calculator

Get free money when you buy things online

Do you want to know the impact of a pay rise? How much tax you are paying? What your take home pay will look like after being furloughed? This site provides a great, free calculator to help you out.