Financial problems are one of the biggest causes of stress in the UK. 55% of UK adults say that money is affecting their mental health and two-thirds of people said they were worried about a friend suffering from money worries.

This programme is your guide to ensuring you’re not one of these statistics. It has been crafted over the years from our own personal experience so that you can learn our lessons, avoid our mistakes and seriously boost your financial fitness.

Financial health, wealth and choice

The foundation of your automated money system will be the apps that we have recommended and the resources we’ve provided. As a result, you’ll get more time, choice and freedom to live life on your terms.

The programme is broken down into six simple to follow steps, or phases, that give you the framework to simply and quickly organise your money and take control. Once your system is in place, you’ll feel less financial stress, have more time and have created a foundation on which to automatically grow your personal wealth for years to come.

Financial Fitness programme cover
The six phases to financial fitness, health and happiness.

The Fitness Trifecta

Like physical fitness, we have to exercise our mental health. In today’s world, good mental well-being relies on us having an awareness of it in the first place. We then need to nurture and develop it through tools such as mindfulness, meditation and stress management. And of course, talking about it to each other!

For our physical and mental health to be in good shape, we need to work at them. They both develop best when we are conscious, mindful and proactive.

Our financial fitness is no different and is intangibly linked to both our physical and mental well-being.

The Fitness Trifecta Triangle

Who is this programme for?

This financial guide is aimed at helping you boost your financial fitness and live your best life. It was created in response to feedback from the ESM Community and is designed for people that can relate to any of the following:

  • Need help organising and automating their personal finances
  • Are struggling with debt
  • Want to make better financial decisions
  • Seeking guidance on saving and investing strategies that anyone can use
  • Looking to build their personal wealth
  • Wanting a robust financial platform for FI/RE (Financial Independence Retire Early)

This programme is designed for those with a beginner or intermediate knowledge of personal finance. If you have even just a ‘feeling’ that your personal finances could be in better shape, then this guide is for you.

How it works

This programme is based on the systems we personally use. Whilst we love personal finance and building our wealth though, we also love doing other things that make us happy and we know you do too. So, we’ve done the hard work for you. This programme:

  • is made up of six simple ‘phases‘ – simply download and progress through each one when it suits you
  • tells you the apps and platforms we use and how to set them up
  • Gives you the only spreadsheet you’ll ever need
  • helps you make better financial decisions
  • Includes links to special offers

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The Six Phases of Financial Fitness