Financial Fitness in 6 steps

Financial problems are one of the biggest causes of stress in the UK. 55% of UK adults say that money is affecting their mental health and two-thirds of people said they are worried about a friend suffering from money worries.

Don’t become a statistic. Money mustn’t ruin your life. It is simply a tool. Leverage it. Use it to your advantage. Whatever your personal financial situation is, you can significantly improve your financial fitness and break free from the stress so many feel.

This programme is really excellent. It provides sound, straightforward advice about managing your money. 5 stars!

Lesley H. May 7th 2020

To ensure you’re not one of those statistics, we’ve developed a Personal Finance Guide. Firstly, it has been crafted over the years from our own personal systems and experiences. That way, you can learn our lessons and avoid our mistakes.

Secondly, it is a step-by-step guide that anyone can do. We believe that everybody can take control of their money and make it work for them, once they know how. This system is what we have personally used to reduce our costs, destroy our debt and invest in a financially free future.

This proven system uses modern-day tools and apps. In addition, we’ve provided exclusive, ready-to-go resources that make it quick, simple and easy to build an automated money system.

We give you the framework to organise your money and take control. The programme is broken down into six simple-to-follow steps, or Phases. Each phase has easy-to-do tasks, or workouts, to help you along the way.

By knowing that bills are being paid on time and savings are building automatically, you’ll worry less and have more time.

Furthermore, you’ll feel more confident knowing that you can weather most financial storms. You may even be able to pursue that career you’ve always wanted, without worrying about money!

Financial Fitness Programme Cover
Building your financial muscles

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