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Debt can be rough. When we first started Eat Sleep Money, one of our primary missions was to help people get out of the trap, for free, any way we can.

We understand first hand how ridiculously difficult it can be: the stress, the strains on a relationship and the all-consuming shadows that lurk at the back of your mind.

Household debt in UK ‘worse than at any time on record’

The Guardian, July 2018

We’ve spent years researching the methods, techniques and literature out there on the quickest, most efficient ways of repaying debt. You can also rest assured that we’ve been there, got the t-shirt and learnt the lessons the hard way.

That wealth of knowledge and experience has been distilled into easy, simple and useful articles. And you can find it all here. For free.

When will you take action?

Being debt-free feels amazing: reduced stress, less likely to argue with a partner and no more ‘debt demons’ lurking at the back of your mind. But getting there can be hard work. Simple, but hard.

3 Million Britons struggle to pay bills – 25% admit finances out of control.

The Express, December 2018

However, the journey to becoming liberated can feel equally amazing. Those initial stresses and strifes may still be there, but you can get a huge amount of positive rewards from simply taking ACTION and seeing the progress. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

12 ways to tackle debt today:

  1. Review your outgoings
  2. Create a budget to free up more cash
  3. Learn how to stick to a budget
  4. Create more income that can be put towards repayments
  5. Set up an extra repayment
  6. Restructure to reduce interest charges
  7. Create a repayment plan
  8. Educate yourself on how credit works – it’s not free money!
  9. Check your credit score
  10. Change the way you view material objects and question whether you really need that purchase
  11. Not put a purchase on a credit card
  12. OR simply face your Debt Demons head-on and make a pledge to yourself to be free of them

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