This programme is designed to help you significantly improve your personal finances, whilst giving you time to live your best life and be happy. For that reason, we’ve worked hard to balance the time you put in with the results you get out.

Importantly, it’s been crafted to be 80% ‘good enough’, without being 100% technically perfect. It doesn’t need hours of reading books on investing strategies or monitoring the FTSE100 on a daily basis. We know you’d rather be doing other things.

In addition, the process is designed to put you in the top percentage of people that have their finances in good health, through a simple and easy to follow process.

Highly recommend this guide! Before reading this, I thought I was fairly good with money (and I am to a degree) but I now have a different association with money. I have created new habits and have a robust financial strategy in place. 

Lucy K. May 11th 2020

What this guide IS about

  • Making things simple
  • Bite-size actions, or ‘workouts’
  • Doing things at your own pace
  • Needing as little time as possible to maintain
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Having your back, all the way
  • Giving you the tools
  • Being good enough to get you to a solid financial foundation, whilst still having a life. (Personal finance is cool, but we’re sure there are other things you want to be doing!)

What this guide ISN’T about

  • Demonising you for being in debt, making financial mistakes or not being in a certain ‘place’
  • Using a load of jargon
  • Making you create endless spreadsheets (you only need one, and we’ve made it for you)
  • Writing down all of your daily spending, then making you feel bad for buying that caramel latte with an extra shot
  • Being 100% technically perfect
  • Spending all your spare time researching advanced personal finance techniques. (If that’s you, then that’s very cool, but this programme might not be for you.)

The Fitness Trifecta

Like physical fitness, we have to exercise our mental health. In today’s world, good mental well-being relies on us having an awareness of it in the first place. We then need to nurture and develop it through tools such as mindfulness, meditation and stress management. And of course, talking about it to each other!

For our physical and mental health to be in good shape, we need to work at them. They both develop best when we are conscious, mindful and proactive.

Our financial fitness is no different and is intangibly linked to both our physical and mental well-being. When the three of them align, you can be unstoppable!

The Fitness Trifecta - when these are aligned, you are unstoppable!
The Fitness Trifecta Triangle

Who is this programme for?

This financial guide is aimed at helping you boost your financial fitness and living your best life. It was created in response to feedback from the ESM Community and is designed for people that can relate to any of the following:

  • Need help organising and automating their personal finances
  • Are struggling with debt
  • Want to make better financial decisions
  • Seeking guidance on saving and investing strategies that anyone can use
  • Looking to build their personal wealth
  • Wanting a robust financial platform for FI/RE (Financial Independence Retire Early)

This programme is designed for those with a beginner or intermediate knowledge of personal finance. If you have even just a ‘feeling’ that your personal finances could be in better shape, then this guide is for you.

How it works

This programme is based on the systems we personally use. However, whilst we love personal finance and building our wealth, we also love doing other things that make us happy and we know you do too. So, we’ve done the hard work for you.

For that reason, this programme:

  • is made up of six simple ‘phases‘ – simply download and progress through each one when you’re ready
  • tells you the apps and platforms we use and how to set them up
  • gives you the only spreadsheet you’ll ever need
  • helps you make better financial decisions
  • includes links to special offers

When will you take control?

We’ve learnt from personal experience that starting sooner beats not starting at all. Have debt? Then the sooner it’s dealt with, the quicker it goes away. Thought about investing? Every week, month and year that slips past is missed opportunity.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, start today. We can’t wait to see you.

Financial Fitness Programme Cover
Building your financial muscles
Building your financial muscles

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